Nearly forty years after her time as a professor of biochemistry and zoology at the University of Carolina Chapel Hill completed, Mary Ellen Jones’ research building is being renovated to include energy efficient amenities and a wide replacement of its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

While Dr. Jones’ research consisted mainly of DNA, RNA, and the habits of cancer cells, we’re confident that the biochemistry behind our silicone sealants would have also fascinated her. The products used were:

Pecora 890NST: Non-Staining, Ultra-Low Modulus Architectural Silicone Sealant
Pecora 895NST: Non-staining, Structural Silicone Glazing and Waterproofing Sealant
Tremco Spectrem 1: high-performance, single-component, moisture-cure, ultra low modulus silicone sealant.
Tremco Spectrem 2:  a high-performance, single-component, neutral-cure, medium-modulus silicone sealant.
Wr Meadows LMP air barrier and air shield accessories: a water-based air/liquid moisture barrier that cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane.

The building’s redesign benefits the biochemistry and future medical students at UNC Chapel Hill that will be using it the most. Kenseal consistently supports education and the environment in which students can thrive. In particular, we support strong researchers and educators like Dr. Jones. We are proud to list this job among our other impressive projects for providing a better and brighter future.