Throughout the past year, we supported many different and innovative projects. From new-builds of apartment & hotel complexes to renovations of global landmarks, we worked with many of our valued customers to help construct these quality structures. Some of our favorite projects from 2016 include:

  • THE MGM AT NATIONAL HARBOR: is set to open in Prince George’s County, MD in late 2016. The plans include a 24 story hotel tower, 3,600 slot machines, 160 table games, a theater, 234 hotel rooms, 12 restaurants headed by notable chefs, retail space, and more. MGM International Resorts has high hopes for MGM National Harbor to spark local economic growth by employing at least 3,600 workers, and by drawing tourists to the area. Additionally, efforts have been made to engage the community in the resort plans; an abandoned elementary school was recently converted into the MGM National Harbor Employment Center, and plans are in the works to exhibit a locally inspired art exposition known as the MGM National Harbor Heritage Collection. Over 1,000 construction workers have been onsite thus far to ensure the project is completed on schedule. Read more:
  • CSX VIRGINIA AVENUE TUNNEL: The Virginia Avenue Tunnel (VAT), in southeast Washington, D.C., is a crucial component of the East Coast railroad network by providing a bypass around Union Station and serving as a passageway for freight moving between ports, manufacturing centers and consumer markets. CSX Transportation is rebuilding and replacing the 100 year-old, 3,800 ft tunnel, which can only accommodate one train at a time and has deteriorated throughout its years of service, with two new structures to maximize capacity. The reconstruction will increase the tunnel width to hold a second track enabling northbound and southbound traffic to pass through simultaneously. It will also raise the height of the tunnel roof to make room for double-stack intermodal container trains. Read more: 
  • THE SHOUSON HILLS RESIDENTIAL COMPOUND IN HONG KONG: This U.S. government-owned compound consists of 24 units in six towers. The buildings underwent a major renovation in 2010, but exhibited water leaks in the roofs and around the windows in the years following the rehabilitation, creating safety concerns for the occupants. Earlier this year, a construction company based in Turkey, took on a project to repair these buildings and a potential customer submitted a request to partner with Kenseal on this unique project. A member of the Baltimore team followed up with our valued customer to learn more about his needs and offered additional information on Kenseal’s specialties and the diversity of our products. The conversation led to the uncovering of many opportunities and the beginning of a great partnership. Read more:
  • KENSEAL IN SPACE: Well not quite, but our product may be up there! We received a unique request from A.E. Blake, a Canadian company that specializes in the aerospace, industrial, and transportation industries: one of their customers needed Dow Corning 790 caulk for use on an emergency repair of a spacecraft, but they were not able to find a Canadian supplier of Dow Corning capable of filling the order. They came across Kenseal in their search and contacted the Long Island City team. The team was able to meet the material and timing requirements of A.E. Blake and shipped the product overnight to keep the project on schedule. Read more:

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