CaWellness is a core component of Kenseal’s culture. Whether it be our internal wellness program or our contributions to buildings dedicated to wellbeing, we strive to support healthy lifestyles in the communities in which we live and work. Recently Kenseal had the opportunity to support the construction of the Clio Medical Center: a new “micro-hospital” that will offer discounted surgeries with the same level of expertise expected from local health care facilities. While a bit smaller (35-beds as opposed to the nearby 328-bed hospital), Clio still projects performing near “2,000 operations in Lancaster during its first year”. Clio CEO Joseph Frank predicts, “this is going to have a pretty dramatic impact on health care.”


To support this project, Kenseal supplied Henry Airbloc 31, a flexible, mold-resistant, rubberized membrane that can be applied to a variety of surfaces and withstand a wide range of temperatures, as well as all of its accessories. Even though hospital conditions are rather consistent, this product will protect from weather damages, extreme conditions, and retains a tough exterior for the building. With a mighty product like this, this hospital will not have to fear inconsistent building protection or hard damages.

An important and ongoing project, the Clio Medical Center building needs to be safe and fully operational for the people in the area. So Kenseal was a sound choice to provide the best products and service possible to achieve these results.