While a mile-long waterfront development full of cafes, cobblestone promenade, and public parks certainly sounds fun, it also poses an interesting challenge in proper protection. The last thing anyone enjoying a concert or walking on the boardwalk in this new Wharf District community wants to worry about is the integrity of where they stand. In conjunction with Baltimore Waterproofing, Kenseal worked to ensure that no one will have to question if the water’s damages will affect their night; our products make sure of it.

To keep everyone’s fun going, Kenseal supplied top-line products that properly protect The Wharf and its surroundings. Preprufe 300R Plus, a heavy-duty adhesive designed to accept heavy reinforcements, and Bituthene 3000, a durable and flexible waterproof membrane, were supplied to secure the area.

This 400-foot District Pier, “the first of its kind in the city” , will provide new bustling activity to D.C.’s Southwest quadrant. Kenseal’s products will make sure it stays protected.