Recap: Trade Shows in April!

This past month we attended multiple trade shows and conventions in order to expand our knowledge and connect with customers and vendors in the construction industry. Some of the main events we attended in April include the Mid-Atlantic Glass Association (MGA) Glass Expo, North East Roofing Contractors Association’s (NERCA) Convention, and the International Masonry Institute’s Masonry Day Educational Conference! Learn more about these trade shows:

NERCA’S Convention & Trade Show – NERCA is the regional roofing contractors association for the northeast and hosts the largest regional roofing trade show in the country. The convention is an educational exhibit of the products and services used in the roofing industry and is a platform for exhibitors to meet with customers face-to-face. Kenseal sent a team to exhibit and share what we can offer the roofing industry!

Masonry Day Educational Conference & Trade Show The International Masonry Institute hosted their Masonry Day Conference, which included accredited educational seminars, exhibitions, and demonstrations. We joined forces with our A.H. Harris counterparts in the region and exhibited some of our products at the trade show. We connected with various architects, mason contractors, engineers, and many more in the construction industry at this high-profile event!

MGA Glass Expo – This is the only Glass Exposition in the Washington, DC area. It includes information on the latest in architectural glass & glazing products, equipment/machinery, tools, sealants, adhesives, and much more. We manned a booth at the expo to share information on some of the most innovating curtainwall products we supply. It was great connecting with our customers in the glass and glazing industry!

Meet the Leadership Team: Scott Gallion

Let’s meet another member of our Leadership team, Scott Gallion! Scott is the sales manager of our Parsipanny, NJ location and has been with Kenseal for over 25 years! Let’s hear what he has to say!

What is your role at Kenseal?

“My role at Kenseal is Sales Manager for the Parsippany, NJ branch.”

How long have you been with the company?

“I’ve been with Kenseal for 27 years.”

What was your first job ever?

“My first job was working on the grounds keeping crew on a golf course, I loved it!”

Do you have a hobby you’d like to tell us about?

“Fishing ranks up there.”

What is your greatest accomplishment at Kenseal so far?

“My greatest accomplishment at Kenseal was finding and developing a little customer known as Valcourt and getting them hooked up with all the right people. They do a few dollars with Kenseal annually!”

What is something working at Kenseal has taught you?

“Kenseal has taught me me to embrace change, if you continue doing what you did yesterday, you’re going to get left in the dust.”

What’s the most satisfying aspect of your job?

“The most satisfying aspect of my job is when people tell me I have a great team working in my branch! It makes me very proud to have assembled such a great group.”

Who are the heroes in your life?

“When it comes to heroes, I tend to think about people close to me who have worked through adversity or deal with adversity every day. I have two boys and two girls and the girls both have some special needs, one with Asperger’s and the other with a learning disability. To see them bravely put their best foot forward each day is very inspiring.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“A fun fact about me is I am a weather geek. Some of my friends like to call me Scottie Doppler!”

Better Together – One Year Later!

It’s hard for me to believe that a year has already past, since Kenseal joined forces with A.H. Harris and HarMac, and yet when I step back and look at everything our teams have accomplished in the past 365 days, it is simply amazing!

This past year has showed us that Together we are Better!

We are proud to offer more locations with options/opportunities for cross docking and inventory availability for the products our customers need day in and day out:

  • Greater reach throughout our geography – the ability to service customers that may have previously been outside our service areas
  • More trucks and delivery options
  • Resources – more feet on the street, more years of experience, more knowledge
  • Buying power which should result in better pricing
  • Access to more products
  • Efficiency and the ability to scale
  • Best Practices – Audit Source, SxE (ERP), PLD (CRM), Operations Playbook, Safety Protocol

A.H. Harris, HarMac and Kenseal will continue to focus on what has brought us this far, the unique specialty resources that I believe set us apart from others in the market! We are one of the only distributors that leads with forming and shoring, that offers on site (boots on the ground) consultative services on product and application recommendations.

HarMac is one of the only rebar fabricators that focuses on superior customer service with a fleet of their own delivery trucks and in house estimators and detailers and provides value added/labor saving weldable rebar options

Kenseal serves the specialty niche market of water proofers, glazers and repair and restoration contractors, with knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of the specialty sub-contractor.

I am proud of everything that we have accomplished in a mere 365 days. And I am excited about what the future holds, please let me know how we can be of service to you! Together we are Better!

~ Kim Corwin

Branch Spotlight: Charlotte, NC

Founded in the Spring of 2000, Kenseal Charlotte serves the southern region of the East Coast. The Charlotte team started out with just two employees, but since then the team, product offering and customer relationships have grown tremendously. The Charlotte team is also notorious for hosting many product demonstrations and a bi-annual customer appreciation day that is always a big hit. Meet Kenseal Charlotte!

Drew Cswaykus, Inside Sales: Before living in North Carolina, I originally lived in Buffalo, New York. I am a sports fan and my favorite sport is hockey! My biggest accomplishment has been purchasing and building my first house before the age of 28.

James Duncan, Sales and Operations Coordinator: I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I like animals, but I would have to say that lions are my favorite animal. My bucket list is pretty long, but my top five things are skydiving, traveling to New Zealand, fishing for a monster Bluefin, doing the Alaska Humpback whale watch, and going on an African Safari.

Brent Frazier, Inside Sales: I’m originally from Southern California and an old school beach bum! My in-laws and parents still live there and we will attend a family reunion there in June. I’m an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan as well as a family man. In my spare time, I enjoy doing indoor and outdoor activities with my wife and kids. One day I would like to take a cruise with my wife to Italy or Greece, travel to see every MLB stadium and learn some golf.

Derick Balknight, Delivery Driver: I am from Concord, NC and in my spare time, I love spending time with my wife and kids. Some of my favorite activities include anything that has to do with cars and cooking. One day, I would like to go to Niagara Falls, drive a Nascar car, skydive and become a multi-millionaire, all while being a good servant to God, my wife, and my kids! My greatest accomplishment has been being the best I can be at whatever I do!

Becca Turbeville, Sales Associate: In my spare time, I enjoying working out and playing sports with my daughter and husband. I was a voice major in college, so I also love to sing and play the piano! My greatest accomplishment was moving from upstate New York to North Carolina when I started working at Kenseal, and being able to raise my daughter while continuing my career. My bucket list is never ending, but I would love to skydive, go to a New York Giants game, visit Rome and Norway, and pick a place on a map to just travel there with no plans set!

Sam Fagan, Sales Manager: My greatest accomplishment at Kenseal is being able to coach a team that understands how to grow and excel! Helping my teammates become successful is one of the best parts of my job. I love boats and the water and will retire on a boat one day. Fun fact – I used to be a foster parent and have had as many as 4 foster kids in my house at once!

Fulfilling all of your urethane sealant needs!

Today on our blog we are featuring product information on one-part and two-part urethane sealants. We carry the leading brands in the industry and are your single point of contact for all of your sealant/caulk/adhesive needs! Let’s learn more…

One-component and two-component urethane adhesives and sealants provide excellent flexibility, impact resistance and durability. A two-component sealant is composed of two parts, a base component and an activator component – its leading, and most obvious difference, from a one-component sealant. Some other differences as explained from our valued vendor partner, Pecora, include:

One ComponentTwo Component
No mixing requiredMixing required
No special equipment requiredBulk guns and mixing equipment required
Require exposure to atmospheric moisture to cureCure without exposure to atmosphere
Color added by manufacturerColor added at job site
Limited shelf lifeExtended shelf life
Cures from exposed surface downCures uniformly
Generally slower cure speed than two componentGenerally faster cure speed than one component
Requires open cell backer rodCan use open cell or closed cell backer rod

Table Source:

Here are just a few of the urethane sealants we stock:

  • Dymonic FC: a high-performance, fast-curing, single-component, low-modulus, hybrid sealant, which offers excellent performance in moving joints and exhibits tenacious adhesion once fully cured.
  • Dynatrol 1-XL: a moisture-curing, single-component non-sag polyurethane sealant, designed to maintain an effective bond and seal between materials of similar and dissimilar surfaces, porosities and coefficients of expansion.
  • Dynatrol II: a general purpose non-sag elastomeric sealant that creates a tenacious bond and watertight seal between materials of similar or dissimilar surface textures, porosities or expansion coefficients.
  • MasterSeal NP1: a one-component, high performance, non-priming, gun-grade, elastomeric polyurethane sealant that requires no mixing and typically requires no priming to bond to many materials, including concrete and masonry.
  • MasterSeal SL2: a multi-component, self-leveling, elastomeric polyurethane sealant that is mixed and poured in place, and once cured, forms a tough, resilient joint seal that resists penetration and abrasion and remains flexible when exposed to weather and aging.
  • Sikaflex: Sikaflex polyurethanes exhibit many characteristics, which offer advantages in certain applications, such as adhesion, dirt resistance, substrate staining, paintability, and water immersion.
  • Sikaflex 1A: a premium-grade, high-performance, moisture-cured, one-component polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant.
  • Sika 1CSL: a single component, self-leveling, premium-grade polyurethane sealant with an accelerated curing capacity and can be used in concrete joint 24 hours after the concrete is poured and also in damp concrete applications.
  • Sikaflex-2c NS: a 2-component, premium-grade, polyurethane-based, elastomeric sealant and is principally a chemical cure in a non-sag consistency.
  • Sikaflex 15LM: a low-modulus, high-performance, 1-component, polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant and is excellent for moving joints in vertical applications
  • Vulkem 45SSL: a semi-self-leveling, single-component, moisture-curing, low-modulus, polyurethane sealant used in expansion joints in sidewalks, swimming pool decks, plazas, floors and other horizontal surfaces with slopes up to 6%.

This is just a sampling of what Kenseal can provide for your urethane sealant applications and construction needs. We also stock a variety of accessory items, from caulk guns to backer rod, to fully support your project from start to finish! Contact us to learn more and place an order!

Meet the Leadership Team: Jen Vedrani

In this edition of our Meet the Team series, we had the pleasure of interviewing another member of our leadership team, Jennifer Vedrani, Director of Human Resources out of the Kenseal headquarters office in Baltimore! Jennifer exhibits the values we aim for here at Kenseal. Her positive energy, eagerness to try new things and team-oriented approach all drive our culture! Let’s hear more from Jen:

What is your role at Kenseal?

“I am the Director of Human Resources​.”

How long have you been with the company?

“I have been here a little over a year​.”

Describe Kenseal in three words.

“Fun, Focused, Strategic​.”

Do you have a hobby you’d like to tell us about?

“I love live music and spend most of my ‘free time’ seeing shows. I even met my husband at a show!”

What is something working at Kenseal has taught you?

“Together everyone achieves more! We are a team through and through, and knowing that each person is here to support one another and garner success together ​is a great feeling.”

Who are the heroes in your life?

“My Grandmother’s. One was a World War II survivor, and she taught me endurance and strength. The other was a teacher and received her master’s degree in the 1970’s. She taught me many things, including appreciation of art and theater, and was all about manners! But most of all, she taught me that no matter what, never give up on your dreams.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“Our family has a motto which was created after a very funny conversation about the ingredients for a drink. The motto is + @titude (Positive Attitude). What it means for us is that we can approach life and tough situations in one of two ways: let them get the best of you, or attack them head on with your + @titude. We all have a choice on how we live life, and for me, + @titude is the way to go!”

Event Recap: Winter 2017

2017 started off busy, busy, busy with event season in full swing! From demo days to construction expos, we expanded our knowledge of the latest and greatest in the industry, strengthened our relationships with our core vendors and hosted a variety of product demonstrations to keep our customers on the cutting-edge of innovation. Here are some of the highlights from the events thus far:

  • We attended the World of Concrete in Las Vegas from January 16-20th. The World of Concrete celebrated its 43rd anniversary with its largest show to date – 700,000 square feet of exhibit space, 60,000 industry professionals and 1,500 exhibiting companies. A team of A.H. Harris and Kenseal Construction Products representatives networked and learned about the most innovative solutions in the marketplace throughout the week.
  • On February 8th, Tremco hosted a demo day at Kenseal Charlotte featuring Vulkem® Extreme Wearing System (EWS) with Puma Technology. The Tremco team demonstrated the composition and application of the product for some of our valued customers in the greater Charlotte area.
  • A.H. Harris hosted their annual Summit in Hershey, PA from February 9-12th. At the expo, 85 of our vendor partners displayed a wide variety of supplies, tools and equipment. Our team had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with vendors, connect with team members across the eastern seaboard, solidify valued relationships and learn about the latest and greatest in the industry.
  • February 17th marked the BASF by Master Builder Solutions’ Enershield® demo day at Kenseal Philadelphia. The demonstration combined classroom learning with hands-on instruction and focused on understanding critical details, application methods and site safety best practices. It also covered assessment of field conditions, the pre-construction meeting, surface preparation, proper detailing, product application and troubleshooting.
  • From February 23-26th a team of Kenseal representatives attended the Waterproofing Contractors Association in Mt. Pleasant, SC. There, we formed and strengthened relationships with various waterproofing contractors and vendors from across 13 states and Canada.
  • Pecora Corporation had their air and vapor barrier demo day at Kenseal Charlotte on March 9th. This demonstration of Pecora XL-Perm showed customers the application of a four-step solution for an energy efficient wall system.
  • Kenseal Boston hosted GCP Applied Technologies for a Silcor® Workshop on March 10th. Silcor® is specially developed by GCP Applied Technologies (formerly W.R. Grace & Co.), who hosted a very interactive and interesting demonstration of their product.

Coming up:

A weekend in Delray, FL: The 2017 Sales Incentive Trip

Each year Kenseal recognizes high performing sales team members with a sales incentive trip. The 2017 trip was held March 2nd-5th at The Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach, FL. The beautiful resort was a perfect location to provide relaxation and sunshine as we finish out the winter and head into busy season.

28 of our top sales associates from 2016 attended the trip. Upon their arrival on Thursday, they enjoyed a welcome dinner at a local beach restaurant to kick off the festivities.

On Friday morning the group split up and had the choice of chasing sailfish in the Atlantic Ocean, playing a round of golf at the Seagate Golf Club or embarking on a jet ski tour. The fishing group found very rough seas, but that did not stop them from reeling in some brag-worthy catches!  The jet skiers enjoyed hitting the open water for a few hours and the golfers had a relaxing day on the challenging green.

Following the morning activities, the group returned back to the Seagate Beach Club for an awards dinner to recognize individual sales achievements from the previous year in a variety of categories. A few of the noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Branch of the Year: Charlotte
  • Salesperson of the Year: Bill Lineburg
  • Sales Manager of the Year: Sam Fagan
  • Inside Sales Team of the Year: Long Island City Inside Team

A total of 8 awards were presented that evening, congratulations to all of the recipients!

On the final full day of the trip, the group hit the beach to partake in a variety of beach games and a little friendly competition. Despite the wind, beach volleyball, spikeball, ladderball and more were all a huge hit!  

Overall, the event was a great success and a memorable experience for all! Everyone had a great time and reflected on their hard work and dedication from the previous year. Best of luck to our sales team in the race for next year’s sales incentive trip!

Branch Spotlight: Beltsville

Located right outside of our nation’s capital, Kenseal Beltsville has accomplished so much since its opening in 1984. It all began with Mike Blair, the current manager of Kenseal Beltsville, making calls to potential customers in the Washington metropolitan area in May of that year. It was a grassroots effort – started by selling product out of his car from our former West Orange, NJ office. Fast forward a few months to later that summer when Bill Lineburg (now a Senior Account Manager out of Kenseal Chantilly) joined the team and helped open a location on Bacon Drive, across from our current warehouse. After many successful years in Beltsville, Kenseal expanded yet again in the greater DC area with a location in Chantilly, VA.

From Parkway Drive to the Capitol’s Dome, the Beltsville team has supported some monumental projects in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. Let’s learn more about the Beltsville team and hear about some of their favorite projects and accomplishments:

Mike Blair, Sales Manager: As the Sales Manager for Beltsville, Mike has supported his team to achieve many successes throughout the years. “My biggest accomplishment at Kenseal has been developing and retaining a great team, who are the best guys to go to battle with each day! Being able to work with my team to help them be successful and grow professionally so they can achieve their personal goals. We work very hard for our customers and they can’t put a price on that value!”

Brant Hoeflich, Operations Manager: “The most satisfying aspect my job would have to be the awesome team that we have and the camaraderie that we enjoy. We spend more time together than we do with our families. That goes out beyond Beltsville as well. I have family up and down the coast. Many of us have spent decades together learning, teaching and pushing each other to be the best at what we do. It amazes me the level of trust that we have with each other. I can’t say enough about them. It starts at the top and goes right down the line to the most recent hire. We expect nothing more than 100% all the time. Our families deserve it.”

Ben Delisle, Outside Sales: Ben was able to work on the United States Capitol Dome when it was undergoing renovations. Due to its age, this symbol of American democracy and architectural icon is subject to cracks and other deficiencies. Restoring the Dome ensures it can safely serve future generations of visitors and employees as the roof of the Capitol. Ben utilized his product expertise and market knowledge to provide our customer with MasterSeal NP1, backer rod, and bond breaker tape.

Craig Flater, Outside Sales: “Between 2006-2008, we worked on a China Embassy job, and I got to work with three separate Chinese contractors, mostly through translators, which made it an incredibly interesting cultural experience. More recently, I’ve been involved in the CSX Tunnel project with Andiemac Waterproofing. The job is still ongoing with phase 2 mobilizing in April 2017.”

Ted Branthover, Outside Sales: Ted supported multiple components of construction on the new MGM National Harbor, located about 10 miles outside of Washington, DC. The resort includes a 24 story hotel tower, 3,600 slot machines, 160 table games, a theater, 234 hotel rooms, 12 restaurants headed by notable chefs, retail space, and more. Ted worked closely with valued Kenseal customers to provide materials for the foundation waterproofing, roofing, and expansion joints.

The Inside Sales Team includes Allyn Bonney, Johnny Lang, Frank Napagal, and Cedric Slye have had the opportunity to work on some awesome projects together– one of which is the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. Allyn tells us he, “watched in amazement as the building went up. The fellow Parishioners scurried about every day busily learning as they worked. They only broke for meals which they all ate together. I never ceased to be amazed at the work accomplished by people devoted to working toward a common goal. And all for free. Many took time off their regular jobs to work at the Hall. Once it was under roof, the inside had a lot of detailed aspects to it and to think it all had been done by volunteers was amazing.”

Women in Construction

March 5th-11th marks Women in Construction (WIC) Week! The focus of WIC Week is to highlight women as a visible component of the construction industry.

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 women in the U.S. earned on average 82.1 percent what men earned. However, the gender pay gap was much narrower in the construction industry with women earning an average 93.4 percent of a male colleague’s salary. The Bureau further reported 9,813,000 total people were working in construction in 2014 – only 8.9 percent of which were women.

With the demand for construction workers growing at an all-time high, construction management is looking to hire talented men and women to fulfill the growing need. According to Construct Tech, women who are working in the construction industry today are proving they are leaders who recognize the challenges on the job site. They are a catalyst  for change driving forward technology initiatives related to building information modeling, enterprise-resource planning, cloud, mobile, and so much more. They add unique value to the job site and provide innovative insight to move a project forward.

Women In Construction Week provides an occasion to raise awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the field. We admire and value all women in the business and we thank our Kenseal team of passionate, strong women for their hard work and dedication!