Carolina 1st Annual Trade Show

KENSEAL CAROLINA’S 1ST ANNUAL TRADE SHOWKenseal Carolina sealant products
The Kenseal Construction Products Tradeshow was a great success as many came to enjoy the demonstrations performed by our vendors, especially those that learned how to increase production by using Sto Machine Technology. We thank all the attendees and look forward to doing this again next year.Sto demonstrated some of their newer products as well as the advantages to the Sto designed and developed machine technology for improving jobsite productivity.Kenseal would like to thank our vendors for attending and participating with event specials as well as supplying a great range of gifts.Pecora Corporation:
Tremco Sealants and Waterproofing
DeNeef Construction Chemicals
Evonik (Degussa-Chemtrete) Chemicals
Sto Corporation
Alabama Metals
Albion Engineering
Watson Bowman Acme Corporation
Momentive Materials (GE Silicones)

Cambridge Apartments, Cambridge MA

4 Manufacturers, 1 Project, Multiple Headaches Avoided

When Kenseal was tasked with supplying this intense 40-unit condo restoration project, salesperson Jeff King immediately recognized a problem. The products specified for the lentil and windowsill repair and coating came from four different manufacturers.

Jeff knew that this could potentially cause some major issues for the contractor, Brodeur Built Construction, and owner Steve Brodeur turned to him for guidance. Were the products compatible with one another? Would it be difficult to obtain warranties because there were too many manufacturers involved? Could all four manufacturers provide the materials on time? The project needed to be completed in late October/early November, running close to temperature restrictions. An extra week or two could halt the project altogether.

Thanks to Jeff’s experience in situations just like this, he was able to help Brodeur Built Construction steer clear of these pitfalls. Jeff asked Steve if he could speak directly to the project’s engineer so that he could find a single-manufacturer solution. By attending site meetings and working with the engineer and contractor on the single-manufacturer solution, Jeff was able to shave one to three weeks off of the project schedule.

“The trustees of the condo association were blown away with what we could do with restoring a building that was over 90 years old,” said Steve. “No other group was able to accomplish this result prior to our arrival. Jeff was a huge help.”

The Foundry, Providence RI

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

The Foundry is a 19th century historic landmark being converted from a manufacturing facility to retail and residential space. Its signature feature is a 137 year old smokestack constructed of terra cotta brick that stands 112’ tall. Over time moisture had penetrated the brick, causing it to deteriorate.

Prior repair efforts proved to be futile leaving many contractors and the building owner scratching their heads about a solution. The challenge was that traditional materials and sealers didn’t work – and options were limited because maintaining the historic appearance was critical.

Enter Kenseal salesperson. The contractor tasked with helping the owner fix the terra cotta brick moisture issues properly, Rob Abatecola of Alpha Omega Construction, approached Kenseal in search of a solution. Rob said, “This was a project that had a very particular problem that required in-depth research. When posed with a unique problem like this, I always contact Kenseal to help with a solution. They are extremely knowledgeable about the products and my industry.”

Kenseal sourced a little-known product that fit the demands of the application. Once identified, Kenseal worked with Rob to facilitate a test panel of the product for the owner’s approval. The result – Alpha Omega Construction secured the contract to proceed with the repair and restoration of the smokestack.

Previously, the Foundry smokestack would require almost annual repairs. These repairs – time after time – failed to solve the problem and meet the owner’s expectations. Now, after nearly two years since the contemporary product was used, the smokestack has been brilliant, and repair free. Said Rob, “Kenseal’s knowledge really helped us have a positive outcome that resulted in another great success story for Alpha Omega.”

Achieving a New High Water Mark

It’s nice to have a neighbor you can count on whenever you need to borrow a lawnmower or a cup of sugar. But what about when you need help with your concrete canoe? The University of New Haven Concrete Canoe Team knew they could ask their down-the-street neighbor Kenseal Connecticut.

Since the early 1970’s, student groups of the American Society of Civil Engineers have constructed and raced concrete canoes at the local and regional level. Each school competes on their concrete canoe’s design paper, oral presentation, floatability, aesthetics, and ability to race.

In 2008, Kenseal salesperson John B. Ryan had assisted the UNH team with coating for their canoe. In 2009, John stepped up Kenseal’s participation and got Sika on board with a selection of the company’s admixtures. In only their third year of participation in the New England Regional Canoe Competition, UNH placed fourth overall out of 11 schools, missing third place by just four points.

UNH team captain Chris Stankus was greatly appreciative of Kenseal’s and Sika’s sponsorship. “UNH was the only team in the competition that pre-stressed the canoe, and the judges were highly impressed. Doing this enabled our team to reduce the total weight of the canoe from 330 pounds last year to 240 pounds this year,” he said. “Also by pre-stressing the concrete, our canoe was one of only two in the competition that did not crack.”

John credits Sika’s admixtures and said, “These students are on their way to greatness! We hope to help them every year so they can finish higher with each competition.”