Meet the Leadership Team: Mike O’Connor

For this edition of our Meet the Team series, we had the chance to speak with the Director of Sales for Kenseal’s Metro New York region, Mike O’Connor! Mike started at Kenseal as Metro New York’s Inside Sales Manager where he helped mold best practices and lay the framework for a very successful team! Mike has proven himself as an invaluable member of our leadership team and was promoted to an expanded role of Director of Sales at the end of 2016. Let’s hear more from Mike…

What is your role at Kenseal?

“I am Director of Sales for Kenseal’s Metro NY region.”

How long have you been with the company?

“This past May marks two years.”

Do you have a hobby you’d like to tell us about?

“I’m an avid hiker and have done hikes all over the world in a number of different climates. This summer I will be hiking across Scotland along the Hadrian’s Wall Path with some friends to celebrate my 50th birthday.”

What are your greatest treasures?

“My marriage of 25 years and my two children. I was fortunate enough to meet my partner in this life at an early age. Together we’ve managed to turn two rambunctious children into adventurous, kind-hearted, successful adults who continue to make us proud.”

What’s the most satisfying aspect of your job?

“Every day at Kenseal brings a new challenge and an opportunity to learn something new about the business and yourself. I really enjoy being given the opportunity to identify ways to improve how we service our customers, develop our people, and grow our business. I love working at Kenseal.”

Describe Kenseal in three words.

“Success through teamwork.”