Meet the Leadership Team: Mike Blair

Meet Mike! Mike Blair has been with Kenseal for 33 years and was one of the original Kenseal employees (the first sales representative to join the team ever!). Currently he holds the position as the Sales Manager for our Beltsville and Chantilly branches. His long-standing commitment to Kenseal and serving customers has made him an essential part of the company. Without his knowledge and dedication, Kenseal wouldn’t be the same. Let’s hear more from Mike…

What is your role at Kenseal? Sales Manager for Beltsville and Chantilly.

How long have you been with the company?  33 years

What was your first job ever? UPS driver right out of college.

Describe Kenseal in three words. Career/Challenging/Rewarding.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job? Keeping people above me and below me equally happy.

Do you have a hobby you’d like to tell us about? Archery hunting- I’m addicted! Rose, my wife, once gave me a shirt that reads, “We interrupt this marriage to bring you archery season.”

What is your greatest accomplishment at Kenseal so far? Developing and retaining a great team – the best guys to go to battle with each day!

What is something working at Kenseal has taught you? Good things happen to people who work hard.

What’s the most satisfying aspect of your job? Working with my team to help them be successful and grow professionally so they can achieve their personal goals.

What are the top five things on your bucket list? Catching a blue marlin, hunting red stag in New Zealand, taking Rose back to Italy to visit family, paying off my house in DE, buying an old jeep to ride and surf fish the DE beaches.

What are your greatest treasures? My family.

Who are the heroes in your life? My dad– he never made a lot of money but provided comfortably for our family. He taught me work ethic, honesty and respecting others will take you far in life.

What is one thing you would want our customers to know? We work very hard for our customers and they can’t put a price on that value!

What is one fun fact about you? I love to cook. Especially meals from fish caught, deer harvested and veggies grown in my garden. You won’t leave my house hungry or thirsty. 

Thanks, Mike! Check out this project that Mike and his sales team worked on at the Virginia Avenue Tunnel