New Haven, Connecticut

The Kenseal branch in New Haven, Connecticut is extremely unique because it brings the Kenseal and A.H. Harris sales teams under one roof. Serving as an office for two divisions of the same company, the New Haven branch has a dynamic unlike any other. “One thing for sure is we are very busy,” says Kenseal Inside Sales Representative John Ryan. “The new building is great and the people are all helpful.” Kevin Harp, an Inside Sales Representative from AH Harris, says, “Our crossing selling between Kenseal and Harris Lines has increased, as well as our overall customer base. With the many years of experience and similar company and cultural values, our customers have been very satisfied [with the merge].”

The A.H. Harris New Haven facility is best in class with a 30,000 SF warehouse, 1,243 pallet spaces, 2 loading bays, 1 large loading dock and ample parking. The huge store and showroom with multiple delivery trucks are just some of the awesome benefits that have come from joining forces.

With a mixture of “rookies” who have been with us for less than five years and “pros” that have been with us for decades, this combination Harris and Kenseal facility provides a variety of knowledge and experience for all of our customers. Some of our employees’ favorite events are outside of working hours, when the office bonds together with fun and festive activities. It just goes to show that we, Kenseal and AH Harris, are combining into one great team.

A little over a year after the merge with AH Harris, we are happy to share a physical office to further our union of cultural values and work ideals. We’re better together, and together we are moving forward towards success!