Meet the Leadership Team: Jen Vedrani

In this edition of our Meet the Team series, we had the pleasure of interviewing another member of our leadership team, Jennifer Vedrani, Director of Human Resources out of the Kenseal headquarters office in Baltimore! Jennifer exhibits the values we aim for here at Kenseal. Her positive energy, eagerness to try new things and team-oriented approach all drive our culture! Let’s hear more from Jen:

What is your role at Kenseal?

“I am the Director of Human Resources​.”

How long have you been with the company?

“I have been here a little over a year​.”

Describe Kenseal in three words.

“Fun, Focused, Strategic​.”

Do you have a hobby you’d like to tell us about?

“I love live music and spend most of my ‘free time’ seeing shows. I even met my husband at a show!”

What is something working at Kenseal has taught you?

“Together everyone achieves more! We are a team through and through, and knowing that each person is here to support one another and garner success together ​is a great feeling.”

Who are the heroes in your life?

“My Grandmother’s. One was a World War II survivor, and she taught me endurance and strength. The other was a teacher and received her master’s degree in the 1970’s. She taught me many things, including appreciation of art and theater, and was all about manners! But most of all, she taught me that no matter what, never give up on your dreams.”

What is one fun fact about you?

“Our family has a motto which was created after a very funny conversation about the ingredients for a drink. The motto is + @titude (Positive Attitude). What it means for us is that we can approach life and tough situations in one of two ways: let them get the best of you, or attack them head on with your + @titude. We all have a choice on how we live life, and for me, + @titude is the way to go!”