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  • Come to the Wharf, the Water is Fine
  • Calling Dr. Kenseal: Clio Medical Center Waterproofed
  • A Capital Building for Capital One
  • Improving the Environment for Education at Guilford Middle
  • Updating the Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • The Monumental City
  • Renewal to Harvard's Dunster House
  • The WakeMed North Healthplex Expands!
  • Christopher Newport's Student Success Center

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  • McCormick Road Utilities Tunnel
    The University of Virginia is currently planning for renovations on three of their campus buildings. In order to accommodate these renovations the University had to switch the steam system the buildings were running on to a medium temperature hot water system (MTHW). The existing steam tunnel did not have suitable space to accommodate the addition of the new MTHW piping and, as a result, the University constructed a new utility tunnel. The 8’x8’ walk-through tunnel allows for future upgrades to these buildings. ... read more
  • Meet the Team Part 70: Sean Thompson
    In part 70 of our 'Meet the Team' series, we spoke with Sean Thompson! Sean has been with A.H. Harris for 5 years as a Forming & Shoring Specialist in Northern New England. Sean's knowledge in Forming & Shoring has helped his team grow. Let's hear more from Sean! ... read more


“Kenseal is a tremendous help. They delivered everything on time and as promised. We are always pleased with Kenseal’s service — they go above and beyond”

Jack Victor from JD Long Masonry

“We worked with Kenseal to give WakeMed a complete Tremco system above grade. This may have sealed the deal for us in getting this very important project. I got together with Kenseal early on and let them know what I anticipated our material requirements to be, and they made it happen. Throughout the project, Kenseal kept up with our material needs and made sure they had what we needed in stock. I look forward to the next project that we can work on together.``

Tom Wilson, Division Manager Moisture Control, SECO Architectural Systems, Inc.